Lay Servants

What in the World is a Lay Servant???

You were asked to help at Church by accepting some new responsibility.  You would like to know more about how to do that job well or about the Wesleyan way. Here is the way!

“As Lay Servants care, lead, and communicate, they encourage, equip, and support others for deeper commitment to Christ and to faithful discipleship.” You can read about the requirements for Lay Servant in the Discipline.

Each year the Lay Servant Ministries offers the basic course for lay servants and advanced courses. These 10 hour courses prepare lay servants/speakers for service with training courses and certification for areas of ministry such as leading meetings, prayers and study programs, assisting in worship services and providing support to care-giving ministries. There are over 1,000 trained lay
speakers in the Central Texas Conference who provide a wide range of services to their congregations, their districts and the conference. Classes are offered throughout the year at different churches in the district for the beginning course and advanced courses or you may also take courses offered in other districts. The classes are generally all day Saturday and Sunday
afternoon. Churches are sent information about upcoming courses and lay servants receive informative emails.

Anyone can take the Beginning Lay Servant Course which is designed for local church workers.

Anyone who has completed the Beginning Lay Servant Course may take one of the advanced course and become a Certified Lay Servant. To maintain certification, a Lay Servant must fill
out a form, and turn it into his/her church’s Pastor. The form must be approved by the Pastor, at the charge conference, and by the District Superintendent. Within every 3 years, to remain active, an advanced course must be taken.

All interested lay persons are invited to come and enjoy the fellowship, spiritual renewal and the various courses:

  • Lay Servant  Ministries:
    The Basic Course
  • Lay Servants/Speakers Cultivate
    Christian Community
  • Lay
    Servants/Speakers Change the World
  • Lay Pastoral Care
  • Lay Servants/Speakers Are
    Accountable Disciples
  • Lay Servants/Speakers Can
    Lead in Evangelism
  • Lay Servants/Speakers Preach
  • Lay Servants/Speakers Lead
    in Prayer
  • Lay
    Servants/Speakers Lead Worship
  • Lay Servants/Speakers Discover
    Spiritual Gifts
  • Dancing with Words
    – Storytelling
  • Lay Servants/Speakers
    Grow Spiritually Through Daily Discipline
  • United Methodist


Lay Servants, Certified Lay Servants, Certified Lay Speakers and Lay Ministers may take course offered.

While an integral part of the Central Texas Conference Board of Laity, Lay Speaking Ministries currently relates also to the CTC Witness Council by collaborating with other ministries in strengthening evangelistic efforts for sharing personal and congregations’ stories of Christian experience, faith and service.

To become a Certified Lay Speaker, a lay servant must take at least the following courses: Spiritual Gifts, Lead in Worship, Lead in Prayer, Preach, and United Methodist Heritage.  A Certified Lay Speaker must take a course every three years and must also fill out the annual form and be approved.

As a lay servant/speaker, you will get regularly emailed notice of courses offered and district information if you wish. If you don’t email, call me. You can request classes that will help or inspire you. You can volunteer your church to host a class.

For more information, contact the CTCUMC South District Lay Servant Director: Pam Dieckert 254 939-5413, Cell 254 216-1470,

Laity – from the Middle Ages “laos – people of God” in Greek: All who have been baptized but who are not ordained to the ministry. That’s us!!!